Nomura Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd.Nomura Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd.


Company Philosophy

Investor Oriented Performance

  • We believe in asset management that earns the trust of investors, adhering to high fiduciary standards at all times.
  • We believe in utilizing the our skilled professionals and the business experience from Nomura Real Estate Group to identify investment value and provide enhanced value through asset management.
  • We believe in maximizing the organizational strength and network that Nomura Real Estate Group has built on in its many years in the industry, and strive to provide new products and services that satisfy investor needs.
  • We believe in the importance of implementing a strong governance system to prevent and appropriately manage conflict of interest in transactions with related parties such as Nomura Real Estate Group.
  • We believe in generating further growth by exploring new business opportunities, both within Japan and globally, in order to meet the needs of investors.
Our experience in real estate and our ability to create new opportunities
is what supports our corporate philosophy