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CEO Message

We are committed to evolving into an asset management company that is indispensable to society.

As a Nomura Real Estate Group member, we have actively engaged in real estate asset management since the late 1990s, during the dawn of real estate securitization. Since then, as an industry frontrunner, we have provided a diverse range of real estate financial products to investors, including private real estate funds, listed REITs, private REITs, and FoFs (Funds of Funds) both domestically and internationally, growing into one of Japan’s leading real estate asset management companies.

However, the global landscape continues to change rapidly, affecting society and diversifying the values of individuals and corporate employees. In this ever-evolving business environment, appropriate responses are required from all organizations, including companies. The development of a “sustainable society” is essential for economic progress. Therefore, companies must fulfill their social responsibilities and continue to provide products and services with social value.

With this understanding, we have reevaluated the value we can offer to society and our mission, which we publicly announced in April 2024. Our mission is:

“Creating a stage where people can flourish and enrich their lives.”

This conviction stems from our desire for the real estate we provide to give people space and time so everyone can shine, whether it is a place where they live, work, or gather together. We believe vibrant and dynamic individuals contribute to building a more prosperous society and creating a hopeful tomorrow.

The value of real estate we create through investment and management is essential for achieving this purpose. We can provide this value to society precisely because we are a company involved in real estate together with developers.

Utilizing the expertise and network the Nomura Real Estate Group developed, we aim to create value worthy of society’s trust through collaboration with stakeholders, including domestic and international investors.

President & CEO

Masaomi Katayama