Nomura Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd.Nomura Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Our Products

We have over one trillion and six hundred billion yen in assets under management, providing our clients with a wide-range of products as one of the largest real esate developer affiliated investment management companies in Japan.

Total AUM 
0 billion yen

*Total assets under management are current as of the end of September 2023.
*REIT reflects fiscal period end total assets (excluding goodwill) as shown on the balance sheet taking into account the acquisition/disposition of properties following the end of the most recent fiscal period.
*Figures of under 1 billion yen are rounded off.

Nomura Real Estate Master Fund, Inc.

0 billion yen

The Listed REIT (J-REIT) is listed on the stock exchange and managed real estate through investments made from both domestic and international investors. Nomura Real Estate Master Fund was established as a diversified REIT in October 2015, following the merger of three J-REITs. With over one trillion yen in AUM, we will continue to lead the market as one of the largest REITs in Japan.

Nomura Real Estate Private REIT, Inc.

0 billion yen

The private REIT is a nonlisted open-ended REIT for institutional investors. Nomura Real Estate Private REIT was launched in November 2010 as the first private REIT in Japan.

*Website in Japanese, parts of the official website are restricted to existing investors

0 billion yen

The real estate private equity funds raise capital from investors, then acquire and manage direct property within a fixed term. Over the years, we have launched and managed various strategies, ranging from core to value-add/opportunistic, depending on market opportunities. Across various schemes, property sectors, fund terms and leverage, we will continue to provide custom made real estate private funds and structure investment strategies which meet the needs of investors.

0 billion yen

NREAM Global Core Fund of Funds

An open-end fund of funds to provide mid-and-long-term and stable income brought about from major overseas core real estate markets which differ from the Japanese market in trends by globally investing in private real estate funds investing in major developed economies such as the US, Europe, and Australia.

J-REIT mutual fund

Utilizing our experience in valuating real estate, we act as investment advisory for this fund, which invests in J-REITs.

Listed REIT (Nomura Real Estate Master Fund)

Investors are able to purchase listed REIT units through a securities company. As investments are available from a relatively small amount, our investors range from individuals to institutional investors, both domestic and overseas.

*As of the end of August 2023
*Since fractions under 1% are rounded off, the total figure may not amount to 100.

Private Products

We provide private products such as private REITs, real estate private funds, and indirect investment funds mainly to institutional investors. We have been entrusted capital from various domestic investors through our in-house marketing team and securities companies, including pension funds, financial institutions and corporations.

*As of the end of August 2023
*Since fractions under 1% are rounded off, the total figure may not amount to 100.

We provide global products such as private real estate fund of funds and private placement of real estate funds to our investors. We will continue to expand our global real estate investment business by utilizing our investment track record and long-standing relationships with overseas fund managers.

Overseas fund of funds

This fund of funds product invests in overseas real estate funds selected by NREAM. Since launching our first fund of funds in 2016, we have provided investors with a global real estate portfolio which is diversified by manager, geography and sector.

Private placement for overseas real estate funds

We provide private placement services and market overseas real estate funds, managed by local fund managers in the US and Europe, to investors in Japan. This also includes various manager support such as organizing meetings and property tours and providing translated fund reports in Japanese.