Nomura Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd.Nomura Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd.


Group Companies

Holding company of NOMURA REAL ESTATE GROUP. As a result of the holding system, each group company enhances its independence, enables businesses to flexibly adapt to the market and enables strategic management of the entire group.
Nomura Real Estate Development conducts a range of businesses. The residential development business provides quality residential accommodation under the PROUD and OHANA brands. Meanwhile, the building business, the commercial facility business, and the logistics facility business plan, develop and manage commercial, logistics and other facilities, including office buildings such as PMO, and GEMS urban-type commercial facilities. In addition, the corporate real estate (CRE) strategic support and corporate brokerage business helps maximize the value of real estate.
In October 2011, three investment management companies in the Nomura Real Estate Group merged and became one of the largest real estate investment management companies in Japan with more than \1 trillion in assets under management. Nomura Real Estate Asset Management provides one-stop shopping for a broad variety of financial products and investment management services that meet a wide range of real estate investment needs, including privately placed real estate funds, to listed real estate investment trusts (REIT), debt investment in domestic real estate, overseas real estate fund of funds, and discretionary investment management contracts with institutional investors.

Nomura Real Estate Urban Net Co., Ltd.

This company provides solutions for satisfying customers in the real estate services and consulting fields. These include residential real estate brokerage for helping customers in changing their place of residence, and commercial real estate brokerage, which addresses the real estate needs of companies and investors. The company also operates a consignment sales business where it sells condominium units and detached housing as a sales agent.

Nomura Real Estate Partners Co., Ltd.

The Nomura Real Estate Group launched Nomura Real Estate Partners Co., Ltd. in April 2014. This new real estate management company represents the integration of building and condominium management operations with the capability to perform overall management of various building types. Nomura Real Estate Partners combines expertise in building and condominium management with property management to realize effective real estate management and construction aimed at handling large-scale repair, remodeling, and interior work.


NREG TOSHIBA BUILDING offers service spanning the development, leasing and management of office buildings, commercial facilities, warehouses, condominiums and other properties, as well as property brokerage and consulting on corporate real estate (CRE) utilization.

Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports Co., Ltd.

Fitness facilities such as fitness clubs, kids' schools, and tennis schools are planned, developed and managed under the MEGALOS brand name. The company also offers services aimed at corporations and local governments.

Nomura Real Estate Heating and Cooling Supply Co., Ltd.

This company is responsible for the supply of heating and cooling services to Yokohama Business Park, a large-scale business facility, through its district heating and cooling system. Using a “best-mix” system that combines gas and electricity, the company uses energy efficiently to curtail costs and minimize environmental impact.

Geo Akamatsu Co., Ltd.

Geo-Akamatsu provides a full range of property consulting and other services that maximize its 50 years of accumulated expertise. These services include surveys of commercial facilities, project planning, leasing, commercial space design and property management.

Nomura Real Estate Wellness Co., Ltd.

Nomura Real Estate Wellness designs and operates high-quality housing for seniors that incorporates secure and reliable life-long management services.

Nomura Real Estate Wellness Co., Ltd.

We will strive to create communities that connect people with people and people with their cities by developing hotels that facilitate fascinating urban development as well as by providing our Group's services initiatively to customers even after the development.

UHM Co.,Ltd

UHM Co.,Ltd is a hotel management company, which is managing Hotel Niwa Tokyo, acquiring internationally high reputation for fine facility and hospitality with harmony between Japanese tradition and modernity, and Tokyo Green Hotel Korakuen which is located in good place in front of JR Suidobashi Sta. The hotels offer a fine time for guests who visit them.

Nomura Real Estate Amenity Service Co., Ltd.

Nomura Amenity Service provides cleaning services of office buildings, schools, and condominiums to maintain scenic beauty of properties as a cleaning company of the property and facility management business of the Nomura Real Estate Development Group.


NREG TOSHIBA BUILDING FACILITIES offers services to maintain or improve the property value through facility management, inspection, cleaning, security and construction, while provides safe and comfortable environment to all customers.

PRIME X Co., Ltd.

Based on the accumulated real estate expertise of the Nomura Real Estate Group, Prime X develops Internet advertising businesses that specialize in business in the real estate and housing industries. Prime X delivers proposals that maximize customer benefits, ranging from the creation of corporate websites and project homepages to creating and managing membership organizations, and handling project sales promotions.

First Living Assistance Co., Ltd.

We offer a "housing and lifestyle home visit service" for the customers of our corporate clients, which we have built up through the Residential Business of Nomura Real Estate. We have developed a business that links corporate clients and their customers in a variety of lifestyle-related fields through a service that dispatches housing experts on home visits.
Lothbury Investment Management is a real estate investment management company which manages various assets such as office buildings, commercial and logistics facilities in the UK. Nomura Real Estate Group provides access to UK real estate market to various investors through Lothbury's funds.

Tokio Property Services Pte Ltd

Tokio Property Services provides real estate services based in Singapore for Japanese companies. Their services include real estate sales of residences, offices and factories as well as rental property brokerage.


NOMURA REAL ESTATE ASIA PTE. LTD., based in Singapore, pursues business opportunities in real estate development around Southeast Asia, making real estate market research, establishing relationships with business partners and supporting Nomura Real Estate Group's overseas business.


NOMURA REAL ESTATE HONKG KONG offers inbound investment support specializing in the Japanese real estate market for international investors based in Hong Kong, and strengthens ties between local companies and investors, enhancing business opportunities for the Group.


In Vietnam, we will support the Nomura Real Estate Group's business in Vietnam by surveying the real estate market, building relationships with partners, and examining the business potential of housing and office buildings.

Nomura Real Estate Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Nomura Real Estate Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. supports the Group's business in China by researching real estate market, building a relationship with our partners, exploring the possibilities of real estate development business including office buildings and residential properties in China.